Member's Login Page

The login consists of your email address and password (initially set to your station 'number', unless you have changed it. If you have any problems logging in please contact the Webmaster

N.B. You can change your email address, password and other personal details from the Members Menu once you have logged in. Please note, passwords are CaSe SenSitiVe.

This site will not support Virtual Private Network Connections (VPNs). If you normally use a VPN please disable it before attempting to log in.

COL Survey

Your Committee are trying to find out the most effective way of gaining new members. To help with this we are seeking to determine how our existing members came to find out about COL. To assist with this, there is a new field in the members details file on the COL database.

When you have logged in please "Update your Personal Details" and let us know how you found out about COL.