Emley Moor TV Mast Collapse 19/3/69

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GT Woodin
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Emley Moor TV Mast Collapse 19/3/69

Post by GT Woodin » Wed Dec 27, 2023 9:19 am

This 1265 foot tubular steel guyed mast collapsed on 19 March 1969, after ice accumulation (glaze) built up over a period of hours or days.
The replacement tower was built of circular concrete, to prevent a future collapse, and still stands today.
An interesting article on the collapse, and the technical challenges, is here:

https://blog.scienceandmediamuseum.org. ... ion-tower/

I recall an article describing the meteorological conditions responsible for the collapse being written shortly afterwards, perhaps in Weather Magazine. I've not been able to find it online.

We don't get winters like that these days.

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