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Martin Rowley
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Philip Eden

Post by Martin Rowley » Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:04 am

... I was one of those worried about Philip Eden - though unfortunately I couldn't do much to help except to be encouraging in my emails. I see from an insert in the latest Bulletin that things are not well with Philip and that he's unlikely ever to resume his meteorological 'life': this is distressing news.

For several years at LWC, I was part of the radio team in 'opposition' to Philip who was then providing services to LBC. I remember the duty shift supervisor at the end of the night shift had to record Philip's LBC commentary to make sure he wasn't saying anything too controversial! And on Saturdays, he provided a service for Radio Bedfordshire - only an hour after we had provided our forecast!

Philip has been a boon to our world - somewhat prickly(!) at times - but not afraid to 'tell it like it is': his books and articles are a model for others to follow - and his attention to detail should be 'best practice' for all of us - professionals or amateurs.

For him to end his career in this fashion is so sad.

Martin Rowley
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Len Wood
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Re: Philip Eden

Post by Len Wood » Wed Apr 27, 2016 10:40 am

I agree Martin.
Sad indeed.
It is a great shame that his clear love for weather and climate cannot override his illness.

I always found his thorough analysis and knowledge impressive.
He always gave a level-headed judgement on climate change which I admired.
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Graham Easterling
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Re: Philip Eden

Post by Graham Easterling » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:26 pm

Yes it is sad. I have been in contact by email since my early days on USW (some time ago now!) and regarded him as a friend. The minimum thermometer in my screen was a gift from Philip.

I had a good idea of the cause of his problems, but only realised how serious it was when he went quiet.

He will certainly be missed.
Graham Easterling


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Niall Dollard
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Re: Philip Eden

Post by Niall Dollard » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:09 pm

Sad news about Philip Eden. May he rest in peace. ... -obituary/

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