December Data Submission

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December Data Submission

Post by Paul Swinhoe » Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:01 pm

I discovered another bug in the system today (5th January 2016) - the dates for lowest grass minimum were not reaching the database when monthly data was submitted. This has now been corrected, but all members who have already submitted December's data will need to update their data and enter grass minimum dates.

Hopefully the other software bugs that affected some users at the beginning of the month have now been resolved, but if you do encounter any problems let me know ASAP.

Feedback on the issue of whether to retain the cloud type identification at login has been mixed, with some saying it is fine and others preferring a simply numerical challenge, e.g. 8+5= .... then leaving the member to type in the answer. This may fool a few automated hacking attempts, but would not prevent human hackers from having a getting one step closer to getting into our systems. So far we have been rock-solid on this count, but there is little room for complacency.

For the time being I have decided to leave the cloud identification in place, but if you have any strong opinions on this matter let me know.
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