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July - A Glorious Change in the Weather

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 5:30 pm
by Nicholas Gardner
What a welcome contrast the start of this month has been to the closing days of June and a definite bonus for the change to have happended at the weekend! No good wasting decent sunshine when you're at work.

Max Rain Sun
28th 16.7°C 26.4 mm 0.0 hours
29th 17.2°C 7.3 mm 0.0 hours
30th 18.4°C 4.2 mm 0.5 hours
1st 23.4°C 0.0 mm 10.5 hours
2nd 25.5°C 0.0 mm 12 hours (so far)

Yesterday and today have had practically unbroken sunshine from early/mid morning until sunset.

The sea has cooled off quite a bit after last week's unsettled weather with the near-shore SST dropping from highs of 19°C to 20°C (peaking at 22°C) down to 16.5°C over the last 7 days. It was very noticeable when having a swim this afternoon - wetsuit was nearly required.

The word 'contrast' sums up June 2017 nicely, it was a month of dry and wet; hot and cold; windy and calm. Unusual for a summer month, or maybe not.....

Re: July - A Glorious Change in the Weather

Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:07 pm
by Greg Gruner
Same change here at Farnborough, but I note that you had 25.5C today, whereas I only got to 22.4C. The wind, however, was generally from the NW, so maybe this stopped your sea breeze from developing and gave a higher maximum?

Re: July - A Glorious Change in the Weather

Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 6:39 pm
by Nicholas Gardner
Greg, I've just uploaded the data for yesterday and checked.

The sea breeze here always blows from the SSE or S and yesterday it tried but didn't quite make it.

Looking at the wind direction and speed, it was NW and generally between 3 and 10 mph but occasionally there would be a lull (0 to 2 mph) and the wind direction would briefly go SSE, the DP would rise as would the temperature. It was during one of these prolonged lulls that the temperature reached 25.5°C at 15:25.

So my only conclusion is that the sea breeze kept trying, especially earlier on in the day but never quite made it, making its presence felt by the occasional lulls and a flip-flop of wind direction from NW to SSE.

No lulls or sea breeze in evidence today (Monday), just a WNW to NW wind blowing at around 6 to 12 mph all day and a maximum of 23.4°C.