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Storm Angus - 20th November 2016

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2016 6:29 pm
by Nicholas Gardner
Driving back along the coast road between Branscombe & Sidmouth last night was an interesting experience. With the wind and torrential rain forming fast moving horizontal 'fogs' of spray with leaves and twigs mixed in reminded me more of a hurricane. The windscreen wipers were over-whelmed as were the roads that couldn't cope with the deluge and water was everywhere, deep in any dip or where it couldn't drain away.

Another world back down in the lowlands of the Otter Valley where it was nothing more than a bit breezy and the rain was falling vertically though still quite heavy at times.

A few statistics:
Maximum rain rate was frequently between 80 to 85 mm/hr
Rainfall total from the entire event (18:00 - 0:20) = 32.4 mm (though 22.4 mm fell between 22:30 & 0:15).
Maximum gust = 33 mph
Temperature peaked at 0:40 with 11.7°C
Minimum pressure was at 01:50 with 968.8 hPa.

I would imagine that you could double the windspeed on the coastal road last night, more like 60 - 70 mph gusts.

The River Otter reached the top of its banks but didn't flood. I suspect, given the forecast and the saturated ground that the river will flood tomorrow in the usual prone places.

Re: Storm Angus - 20th November 2016

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:28 pm
by Nicholas Gardner
And another deluge today!

A total of 46 mm today and still climbing.

Many of the lanes and smaller roads are flooded and impassable around here. The River Otter is over 2 metres above its normal level, this being the highest since 2012.

At least its mild...... currently 10°C (19:30).

Re: Storm Angus - 20th November 2016

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 11:03 am
by John Wilson
A damp but very windy Sunday 20th here at Arnold/Mapperley Plains, with just 4.5mm rain. A different story on Monday 21st with heavy rain during the day and again overnight, yielding 33.5mm at the 09.00 obs this morning. This is my third highest daily rainfall in November since my records began in 1993, the highest being 2012 with 35.0mm then 2000 with 34.1mm. Much flooding in the Nottinghamshire with many of the smaller rivers and streams on high flood alert. Has stopped raining here (11.00GMT).
Regards to all

Re: Storm Angus - 20th November 2016

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:06 pm
by Richard Hunt
The 20th was wet and windy for this station, air pressure dropped 12·2mb in 9 hours to reach a minimum of 981·6mb, then began a 16·1mb rise for the next 9 hours.

The 21st saw the wettest day of the month with 16·7mm from 0910-1735 UTC.

Barometer again began a rapid drop of 13 mb, then rose quickly after the last of the rain passed.

The greatest barometric rise occured on the 22nd with a 24·4mb rise from 0107-2341 UTC.

Wind was not to bad with a maximum gust of 32 knots.


TN 0·5c

TX 10·6c

PPN 16·7mm

Gust 32 knots

SLP MIN 984·4mb

SLP MAX 997·4mb.