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June 2017 - The 1st 'Rather Average' Half

Posted: Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:34 pm
by Nicholas Gardner
The first half of this June statistically is rather ordinary but belies the unusually windy and unsettled weather of last week. But 'rather average' weather these days seems to be notable in itself :)

1st - 15th
Mean maximum = 19.8°C
Mean minimum = 9.6°C
Mean = 14.7°C
Rain = 32.6 mm
Sunshine = 104 hours.

Nothing remarkable about that other than the quite cool nights that have dominated the month so far. Then you look at the wind and it shows that last week was persistently windy/breezy with a 40 mph gust on the 5th and nearly every day of the week having gusts to 30 mph (that is windy for here!). The wind run for the month so far is 1700 miles, to put that into context the wind run for the whole of June 2016 was 2200 miles. Only 4 days this winter were actually 'windier' and not by much more.